And then of course, it wouldn’t be the first Saturday of College Football without Johnny’s Pizza for supper!!

Gotta have @chickfila for lunch on the first Saturday of College Football. Right?

This morning as I was preparing breakfast in bed for @suzannebhendrix, Rivers walked in and asked if I would make him some Breakfast. I told him I would in a little while. He gave me that “why not now” look. I said, “do you not realize what day it is?” He replied, “is it Mother’s Day?” I laughed out loud and said, “for your Mom, this is day better than Mother’s Day! It’s the first College Game Day of the season!!” That means her breakfast order is taken the night before and served nice and hot on the “good china”… In bed. This year it’s ice cold almond milk in a frozen glass, Organic African Nector hot tea, cranberry almond hot cereal and fresh raspberries. Oh… And bacon! There must be bacon! I added a music feature to the presentations this time. Her favorite fight song was played loud and proud! It’s gonna be a fun day! #hailstate #shesworthit #annual @espn (at Hendrix Home)

Saw this bike seat at Red River Cycling the other day. It’s exactly the material and stitching I want for the seats in Sunny. #jeep #cj5 #1974 #someday #dream #leather #likeabaseballglove

Last birthday boy pic of the day! @brewerhendrix in his very first baseball game to one of the last of his 15th year. I love you Brewer! So proud to call you my Son! Can’t wait to see what God has in store for you!

Open House Night at A.C. Steere. This is a VERY old school. But BEAUTIFULLY maintained. It’s a fun study in design and architecture. There are slices of bye gone eras around every corner! (at Steere A C Elementary School)

This is what happens when I wear these shoes. Don’t know why.

We might all be second screen people, but you can’t say we don’t love on each other! Just look at @suzannebhendrix share the couch with @brewerhendrix. It’s the closest thing to cuddling she gets with her big boy! #sixfour #fifteenyearold (at Hendrix Home)

See that open spot on the top shelf there. What goes there is what I eat. It’s what pretty much sustains me between meals. Evidently someone else in this town likes them as well. Whoever you are, wherever you live, I call dibs on the next shipment!!! #kashi #chocolatealmondseasalt (at Kroger)

As @jacklyno told me, “he beat you today!” @brewerhendrix wearing an “Allen Shirt” today. #myboy #lookinggood Thanks @trentonfiscus! (at Broadmoor)